Laboratory Animal Ventilated Enclosure Certification Services

ACE technicians are available to perform certification services and extensive field testing for all varieties of commonly used laboratory animal ventilated enclosures. This also includes related laboratory equipment such as animal transfer stations, animal biosafety cabinets, and cage isolators.

Instrument certification (preventative maintenance) include field tests specified in NSF/ANSI 49.

ACE Medical Equipment is able to offer you the following procedures:

  • Electrical safety testing – as with all electrical biomedical equipment, we are able to thoroughly test for grounding resistance and leakage
  • Inflow velocity measurements – assures the enclosure is able to consistently move air to protect the external environment
  • Downflow velocity measurements – assures the enclosure is able to prevent contaminating the work environment
  • HEPA filter integrity testing – particulate filters are tested for leaks and obstructions, as well as overall performance
  • Enclosure illumination testing – tests various lighting fixtures within the enclosure for function as well as intensity
  • Airflow testing – airflow direction and intensity is mapped and visualized, to identify potential problems
  • Site installation testing and calibration – in accordance with NSF and OSHA, we are able to verify enclosure installations for safety and compliance, as well as calibrate alarms if applicable
  • Airborne particle counting – we are able to measure particle concentrations within the work environment to a high degree of accuracy
  • Cabinet integrity testing – ascertaining whether contamination is able to escape from the enclosure
  • Sound testing – testing for noise levels which contribute to worker fatigue and can introduce interference
  • Vibration testing – testing for vibration other than noise
  • Decontamination – not a standard testing procedure, but one available upon advance request at additional charge

Our process is organized and always documented.
Routine certifications are recorded personally by one of our certified technicians on our one of a kind Field Certification Forms.
For no extra charge, we will also add your machine to our Device Managing Program by providing it with its own control number and color coded label.
This process allows us to find your units description and history in our system database.

For each piece of equipment we will indicate the manufacturer, description, serial number, control number and pertinent inspection data.

Upon completion you will receive your own electronic report and corresponding documentation.