Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Services


ACE technicians perform certification services and extensive field testing for Class I, Class II and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets.

Instrument certification (preventative maintenance) include field tests specified in NSF/ANSI 49-2002 and consist of the following tests:

>Downflow velocity profile test

> Inflow velocity test

> Airflow smoke patterns test

> HEPA filter leak test

> Cabinet integrity test on Type A1 cabinets

> Site installation assessment tests

> Lighting intensity tests

> Vibration test (upon advance request at additional charge)

> Noise level test

> Electrical leakage, ground circuit resistance, and polarity tests (when required and accessible)

> Airflow velocity

> Filter pressure drop

> HEPA/ULPA filter leak test

> Induction leak test/backstreaming test

> Airborne particle count

> Lighting intensity test

> Noise level test

>Decontamination  (upon advance request at additional charge)

Our process is organized and always documented.
Routine certifications are recorded personally by one of our certified technicians on our one of a kind Field Certification Forms.
For no extra charge, we will also add your machine to our Device Managing Program by providing it with its own control number and color coded label.
This process allows us to find your units description and history in our system database.

For each piece of equipment we will indicate the Manufacturer, description, serial number, control number and so much more!

Upon completion you will receive your own electronic report and corresponding documentation!

Sound interested?
Have one of our own come out and service your laboratory!

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