Preventative Maintenance


Our Preventative Maintenance or “PM” service as we like to call it, is much more than a functionality test.

The PM is a maintenance that is scheduled based. The work is done while the equipment is functioning so it will not break unexpectedly.

This procedure includes servicing such as, lubrication, wear part replacements (gaskets and filters), and extensive cleaning of vital areas of the equipment.

Each apparatus is inspected thoroughly, tested numerously and is restored accordingly to its manufacturers specification.


Common PT equipment and examples of PM performed:

• Autoclave

Replacement of door gaskets and HEPA filters, performing a cleaning cycle with a reagent to clean all the piping, perform pressure and temperature validation.



• Medical and Dental chair
Lubrication of moving parts to avoid noise, replacement of old and rusted bolts and additional calibration and testing.



• Electrosurgical unit
Checking the knobs, switches, indicators and calibration and testing.



• Centrifuge
Replacement of chamber gaskets, lubricating the specimen buckets and rotor pins as well as calibration and testing.



• EKG machine
Replacement of patient leads, electrodes, adjusting printer, battery replacement and additional calibration and testing.



• Scales
Cleaning connectors, replacing batteries, adjusting weight display and additional calibration and testing.



7• Patient monitoring
Checking the knobs, switches, indicators, replacement of the batteries and additional calibration and testing.