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What is Patient Monitor is used for?

Patient monitoring systems is the term for all the various devices that are used to supervise patients. One category of such devices is devices that alerts if the patient gets into a critical state. Example of one such device is a heart monitor.

The need for patient monitoring is apparent in situations where the patient is:

  • In unstable physiological regulatory systems, for example in the case of a drug overdose or anesthesia.
  • In a life threatening condition, for example where there are indications of a heart attack.
  • In risk of developing a life threatening condition.
  • In a critical physiological state.

Repair services we provide:

Calibration and adjustment of the Patient Monitor are crucial for the proper use of the equipment. It must be done regular for the best results. We also provide repair and replacement of any electrical and mechanical parts.

Some common issues:

Improper measurements due to damaged sensors.

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