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What is a Prevacuum Steam Sterilizer?

The prevacuum steam sterilizer was designed to help overcome the trapping of air in the chamber. Trapping of air is one of the greatest dangers encountered when using saturated steam under gravity cycles. When errors are made by improperly packaging items or overloading the sterilizer chamber, cool air pockets may form resulting in items not being sterilized. The speed and efficiency of the steam sterilizer may be improved by removing air from the chamber with a powerful pump, creating a nearly perfect vacuum before steam is introduced into the chamber. This procedure allows fast and more positive heat to penetrate the entire sterilizer load. The improved sterilizer is referred to as the prevacuum steam sterilizer. Full heating of the loads is faster in the prevacuum sterilizer than in the gravity displacement sterilizer. For example, wrapped instruments can be sterilized at 270°F (131°C) after 4 minutes exposure in a prevacuum steam sterilizer.

Repair services we provide:

Diagnostic and replacement of any parts in the system such as Piping, Gauges, Indicators, Solenoid Valves, Emergency Blow Off  Valves and any electronics in case of malfunctioning.

Some common issues:

Pipe leakage causes loss of pressure, corrosion and improper unit performance which will lead to poor or incomplete sterilization.

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Malfunctioning emergency blow off valve or improper installation of the valve.

Photo Jun 30, 12 07 08Worn or leaking gaskets.

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