What is Hydroculator is used for?

Heat Therapy is used in a variety of procedures in the field of physical therapy , athletic training, chiropractic medicine, hand therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation. Whether it’s keeping massage lotions at a warm temperature to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient, or maintaining proper temperature for hot packs so that they are effective at relaxing muscle pain away on contact, keeping the right level of heat is important. In addition to keeping hot packs, lotions, and ultrasound gels from cooling down, professional heating equipment will keep materials from getting too hot and thus decreasing or ultimately destroying their effectiveness.

Repair services we provide:

Calibration and adjustment of the Hydroculator are crucial in order to safely and accurately use the equipment on the patient. It must be done regularly for the best results. We also provide repair and replacement of any electrical and mechanical parts.

Some common issues:

Worn heater, thermometer, overheat sensor and wiring.