ACE Medical Equipment is an official distributor of DJO GlobalIts brands include Aircast, Bell-Horn, Chattanooga, CMF, Compex, DJO Surgical, Donjoy, Dr. Comfort, DVT, Exos, Fast Freeze, Procare, Saunders, and VitalStim. Of these, we specialize in ultrasound physical therapy machines manufactured by Chattanooga, and are able to repair and service existing units as well as sell new ones. Therapeutic ultrasound machines, which use a transducer held against the patient’s skin, are applicable for various physical conditions such as muscle and ligament sprains, tendinitis, arthritis, and so forth. These procedures are inherently safe if performed correctly on patients who do not suffer from conditions which may be aggravated by therapeutic ultrasound. Detailed consulting of various procedure options is available, should your medical practice be interested in offering these to your patients. ACE Medical Equipment does not normally maintain stocks of merchandise, and any orders require time to be processed.

For more information of the product lines available from Chattanooga, please visit their website. Chattanooga manufactures and markets more than just ultrasound machines – their other product lines focus on physical therapy and rehabilitation. We are able to provide you with any of their products – not just the aforementioned therapeutic ultrasound machines.

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